About Us

The Moorland Development Company was incorporated on August 29, 2001 to oversee the development of Moorlands Estate.  This is a public company consisting of 209 shareholders and is managed by a Board of Directors. 

Our Guiding Principles

  • Comprehensive Planning – We focus on long-term master planning and attending to every detail.
  • Thoughtful Stewardship – We care for the land—both that which is developed and that which is conserved. We strive to build and operate our properties in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way.
  • Ethical Conduct – We are honest in our actions and follow through on our commitments. We make good decisions based on long-term goals rather than short-term gains.
  • Exceptional Service – We provide our customers with a memorable experience.
  • Collaborative Citizenship – We are active, involved members of our communities and strive to work with stakeholders to address key public policy issues and meet critical needs through our philanthropy.


Having taken the lead in providing a unique experience in residential living in the centre of the Island, Moorland Development Company continues to offer opportunities for gracious living in an Eco-friendly environment.

The twin developments of Moorlands Estate and Moorlands Manor have already fulfilled the dream of many. Providing the peace of mind for those who desire the tranquillity of a quiet place to retire while at the same time accommodating the young family with a desire to raise children in a safe and controlled environment. Our emphasis on preserving ample green spaces, is a feature of all our developments.

With personal safety a major concern. The creation of Gated communities is therefore a feature of our developments and this is further buttressed by the effective use of modern technology.

Both our returning residents and our young professionals will find the properties very attractive in their location, amenities and price. As we venture into other parts of the island we desire to maintain the high quality which will be characteristic of the Moorlands Brand.

We are aware there are some clients that find constructing their homes challenging. Moorland Development Company is not only offering a location of choice, we are now willing to provide construction services as required.

We welcome your visits and enquiries’ and stand ready to be part of your experience ofThe best of Living, Inspired by Nature”.