Building Approval

When you decide to build at Moorland Development, you may choose from:

1.  Moorlands'  Pre-Approved Designs    

2.  Prepare your own design that should confirm to either a Georgian or Victorian style of architecture or a combination of both.  This will apply only to the exterior and facade of the building and is already the preferred choice of many lot owners.  Your architect/draughtsman will provide any clarification needed in understanding the designs and deciding on the choice of architecture.

3.  All building plans are to be submitted to Moorlands Board for pre-approval by the Building Committee prior to the submission of the said plans to the Parish Council.


This is to ensure that we harmonize general character and aesthetic appeal throughout the community.  In addition to the restrictions imposed by the Local Planning Authority, the following additional restrictions are recommended for inclusion in the Moorlands Estate sale agreement:

  • Verandas, Trellis and Courtyards can be introduced or further improved with the introduction of lattice screens or horizontal bands of fretwork.  No wrought iron grillwork enclosure will be permitted
  • Roof:  No zinc or Aluminium sheeting will be allowed
  • Railings:  No metal railing will be allowed
  • Building Heights: No house shall be constructed in a manner that impedes the view of his neighbour or encroaches on his privacy.
  • The total area of building(s) and pavements shall not exceed 40% of the total lot size.  The remainder of the lot shall be left in greenery. 
  • Houses constructed in the development shall be painted in shades of white and pastel colours only.
  • No pigpen, goat shed, fowl coop or any other such animal rearing activities will be permitted within the development. Pets shall be kept in designated areas or on leash where necessary so that they do not become a nuisance to neighbours.
  • Each lot owner will be required to pay an annual fee for security and maintenance of roadways,parks and gardens.
  • Fence and Walls: Where a fence is to be erected to the front of the lot, it shall be a timber picket fence of height not exceeding 36”. No hedging to front or sides shall be above 48”



To gain approval for your house plan from Moorlands Development Company Approval Committee, submit the following:

  • A site plan showing the position of the proposed house with the lot number
  • Location of septic tank and tile field
  • Storm water management system (mechanism to control storm water run off)

Approval by Moorland Development Company will not be a substitute for approval by the Parish Council neither will provide any guarantee of such approval.  Construction should begin only after the Parish Council has given approval.  The intervention by the Company is to ensure that the concept presented at the outset of the project is preserved.

Lot owners should notify Moorlands Development Company of the Parish Council's approval at least 30 days before the laying out of the building.  A copy of the approved drawing must be kept on the construction site for the inspection as required.