Moorlands Estate

Moorlands is located approximately 4 km (2 ½ miles) to the south of Mandeville and 2 km (1 miles) north of the Moorlands camp site.  The northern access to the property is from Perth Road. The property can also be accessed from the south via the Spur Tree Main road through the communities of Swaby's Hope and Marlborough. The Estate is 163 hectares (400 acres).

Moorlands Estate Jamaica New Homes Land Developer     Moorlands Estate Jamaica New Homes Land Developer

Alumina Partners of Jamaica previously used Moorlands Estate for bauxite mining. All bauxite-mining operations ceased many years ago and the land was mainly in pasture with some rocky hillocks that are densely covered with mature trees. The mining pits have now become grasslands.

The marled roads that were once used for access throughout the property during the bauxite mining period have been incorporated into the development plan as the major traffic routes within the subdivision.

The grasslands on the property have an average elevation of 720m above sea level. The hillocks rise to an elevation of 750m. These hillocks are interspersed by the grasslands lending to the general character of an undulating terrain. There are no defined drainage routes on the property. Drainage is natural.