Open Spaces

Moorlands Manor Jamaica New Homes Land DeveloperOpen spaces are required to be designed for separate activities and varied users. Active open spaces are required as playgrounds for small children requiring supervision near their residence, and also for sport fields and community centre to facilitate large events. Passive open spaces are also required for nature parks and landscape reserves as a reprieve and contrast to the mass of hardened areas.

The Developers have allocated 28.85 hectares to be used for open space and recreation. This is divided into three (3) major zones to ensure centrality throughout the site. The northeastern facility will have a clubhouse and park, tennis courts, golf putting green and driving range, gazebos and sitting area, and a pond.

To the south and adjacent to the proposed educational site, will be another pond along with a large multi-purpose sports field. Bordering this open space will be a nature trail. This open space is aptly located adjacent to the proposed educational site and will act as a buffer for the residential areas and can also be used by the school when hosting events.

The third open space comprises two major pockets along the JPS reserve. Access to them can be from the JPS reserve as well as from local roads. These are the passive open spaces.

The property currently has a cave that is located within one of the landscape reserve. It is proposed that a nature trail will be constructed leading to the cave . At or near the entrance to the cave will be a small camping site.