PalmBrook Estate



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PalmBrook Estate, the new gated community from Moorland Development Company has received overwhelming response from the market, with over 90% of the 174 lots which were offered in Phase 1 of the development, being reserved within 48 hours of going on the market.

Property developers Moorland Development Company began work on Phase 1 of PalmBrook Estate in October 2015, with a projected completion timeline of October 2016. Five months into the development, the company hosted open days at the site on March 19&20, and by Monday March 21, less than 10% of the 174 lots remained.

Marketing Manager for Moorland Development Company Marie Berbick described the response as “Far better than we ever imagined.” “What this means is that we could be moving much faster than projected, with Phase 2,” she pointed out.

She ascribed the success of the open days to the company’s reputation for providing attractive affordable residential communities as well as strategic marketing.

“Our projects have been promoted heavily on social media to ensure we reached the Diaspora one of our key target markets. Additionally we have utilized other media, all of which have worked very well,” she said.

The company has been engaging in direct marketing, making presentations to the target market in St. Elizabeth, however we noted that persons who attended the open days and reserved lots came from across the island. Major mortgage providers were invited to set up booths, so that visitors could have adequate information on the best interest rates available to buy land and make decisions right away.

Speaking at the Open Day on March 19, Chairman of Moorland Development Kempton Smalling said PalmBrook Estate, which features 382 residential lots ranging from 1/4 -3/4 acres, was the third development for the company, and would replicate the same high quality aesthetics, attractive amenities and eco-friendly concept as the company’s previous developments; Moorlands Estate and Moorlands Manor, both of which are located in Mandeville. With prices starting at $2.8m for a 1/4 acre lot, the Chairman noted that the company’s aim with PalmBrook Estate is to make luxury affordable.